Stella Rinaldo Illustratrice

"Once upon a time...

... a little girl haloed by an imposing mass of black hair.

His eyes and his mind were elsewhere, lost in dreams populated by a thousand characters.

Like her, they evolve over the years, look for each other, mature little by little.

Imaginary friends or traveling companions, the child keeps drawing their faces.

Today, they are familiar to her, are part of her.

Their stories, their worlds, she knows them and develops them every day a little more.


So who are they ? "


My name is Stella Rinaldo, artist and French dreamer passionate about drawing and imagination ! Faces and portraits have always fascinated me. They talk, captivate, disconcert, intrigue, and so on. To represent them appeases me, plunges me into a creative bubble, stimulates my imagination.

In each character is a part of myself.


Illustrations in the gallery are protected by the copyright and belong to Stella RINALDO. Please do not copy or publish without permission. These illustrations should not be used for commercial purposes unless otherwise indicated.

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