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Digital illustration for personal use 


Digital painting whose biggest side = 6000 px maximum

Payment by Paypal in two stages: at the beginning and at the end of the creation

The prices below may vary depending on the details and the background requested.

  • Head (up to shoulders) : 60 euros 

  • Portrait (up to chest) 80 euros

            Example with a medium background

  • Half Body 120 euros



                        Example with a detailed decor

  • Full Body 200 euros and more according to the details



                           Example with a detailed decor 

For any additional character 

  • Head : 40 euros

  • Portrait : 60 euros

  • Half Body : 100 euros

  • Full Body : 180


  • Un fond uni ou dégradé est réalisé d'office si vous ne souhaitez pas de décor. Dites-moi simplement la couleur !

  • Moyen (quelques détails) : 40 euros

  • Détaillé  : 100 euros

What I draw :

  • Portraits

  • Fairy Tales characters

  • Elves/ mermaids/ fairy

  • Fantastic characters

What I do not draw : 

  • Fan art (french law not allow fan art sales ! )

  • Nudity / Eroticism

  • Violence

  • Robot/ Cyborg

  • Architecture/ Vehicles

Rules and warnings

  • Payment is by Paypal only, twice: at the beginning of the creation and at the end of it

  • There will be no refund on completed artwork

  • I can refuse a commission 

  • An illustration, whether it is a portrait or a whole character, takes time depending on my schedule (up to 16 hours when I finally have the idea in mind, and I do not do it in one go!). Allow one to three weeks maximum depending on the illustration requested.


In your message, do not forget

  • Name

  • E-mail

  • Illustration type (head, portrait, half body, full body)

  • Background

  • Number of character

  • Pose/ attitude/ emotion/ etc.

  • References

  • Send me your message on my Facebook Page

Thank you very much for your support and see you soon !

Artiste Peintre Numérique


SIRET : 818 902 371 00017

APE : 9003A